The LASTRADA Advantage

There are a lot of reasons LASTRADAis the most widely used construction materials testing software in the world. We produce multiple releases each year incorporating suggestions from the real experts – our customers. You will rarely be told “no we will not change that” from us. Our large programming team also offers integration with other systems and mobile app development.

LASTRADA offers the best of both worlds. It is the most comprehensive and powerful software, but customizable user interfaces and reports make using LASTRADA easier and more familiar to technicians and other stakeholders.

The LASTRADA Partners team uses their real world experience to continue add to our help videos, written procedures library, templates, and other items in the LASTRADA Fast Track library.  LASTRADA users get up and running faster with the Fast Track program. Learn more about the LASTRADA Advantage.

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    What Sets Us Apart

    LASTRADA goes beyond the basics to give users a competitive edge against their competition. Our unique, tailored databases are built out by our team of engineers for you, with all the features and modules you need. Companies that use Excel to manage their quality control and laboratory processes run into issues with data integrity, limitations with multi-user capabilities, report distribution, and run on a single-user dependent process. While CMT software is a step-up from Excel, not all software has the essential qualities producers and labs need to improve their operations. 

    LASTRADA Advantage Comparison Chart
    100%, it is easier to get data out LASTRADA as compared to Stonemont. For starters, you can write your own report. Occasionally we could not get 100% of what we wanted in a report, so we wrote an SQL query. LASTRADA is willing to change the software based on our suggestions. With Stonemont you are told take it or leave it.
    LASTRADA UserFormerly using Stonemont
    LASTRADA Partners: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software for Construction Materials Industry

    Our Unique Features

    Stop being told “no” by your software provider. At LASTRADA Partners, our customers are the experts and we follow their lead, creating the custom buildouts right for their workflow. Using continual feedback and industry insights, LASTRADA is updated multiple times a year to ensure the needs of our customers and changing industry standards are not just met, but exceeded.  


    Features and modules to support both producers and consumers of asphalt binder


    On-site or in the office, LASTRADA mobile capabilities allow you to enter data remotely and access it via your server

    Library of Resources

    Customizable templates from over 3000 users in our library to get you up and running faster

    It's Easy to Switch

    Switching to a new software can seem like a big commitment of time, resources, and staff. We’ve invested our time and resources into building out an organized, comprehensive implementation and training process to ensure an easy and stress-free process on your end.

    LASTRADA Advantage Infographic Steps to Implement

    To learn more about LASTRADA, potential users can view our extensive library of demos and blogs to see what LASTRADA can do, get a personalized demo either in-person or online, and receive consulting from engineers on how LASTRADA can be best used to fit your business.

    LASTRADA is available to companies of all sizes and budgets, with multiple plans available, like LASTRADA Online, our secure cloud-based version of LASTRADA, and LASTRADA Lite,  our risk-free, low-cost trial version of LASTRADA.

    With flexibility to train in-person or over video calls, implementation and training is done on your schedule. Our Fast Track program includes training videos and written procedures that allow you to set up LASTRADA on your own, or train new employees.

    After using LASTRADA, users see the LASTRADA Advantage: better products and improved quality. Our customizable, central system gives you more time in the plant, and less time working around your software.

    Our Tailored Implementation Process

    Onboarding and implementing a new software can be a huge time and resource commitment. LASTRADA Partners has put our own time and resources into developing a program to switch over new users to LASTRADA, with various training options to fit your schedule and support from a team of knowledgeable engineers who set up the database for you.

    Library of Procedures

    With a dedicated Fast Track Program for onboarding, you can learn and train new employees with easy-to-follow videos and written procedures

    Access to Real Engineers

    Our team of experienced engineers know the ins and outs of the industry and the right software solutions for your business

    Small Time Commitment

    With our Fast Track program, remote or in-person training, and organized implementation process, we’ve had customers start using LASTRADA in just weeks.

    Test Drive LASTRADA

    Built-in flexibility allows our engineers to spin up your database for a limited trial so you can see the software in action before making a decision to buy.