LASTRADA Partners was built on a vision of partnership extending between our engineers and yours. This partnership allows us to leverage the strength of our combined engineering expertise to achieve the advanced technology integrations that allow you to focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.

LASTRADA Partners Plus

Engineering Collaboration

Our staff of qualified engineers have real-world experience and work together with your team of experts to determine the most effective implementation to suit your company’s unique needs.

LASTRADA Partners Plus

Progressive Technology Integrations

Our advanced, configurable systems integrate fully with your systems to achieve maximum efficiencies, improve the accuracy of data, and reduce costs.

LASTRADA Partners Plus

Mutual Commitment

Your commitment to process improvement is equally matched by ours. We work with your team to continuously improve your implementations through ongoing collaborative product development.

Our experienced teams at LASTRADA Partners work closely with you to provide ongoing insight and support in order to meet your specific needs. We are fully committed to collaborative product development, and continuously work to uncover unique enhancements that will improve your products and give you a unique advantage in your local market.

Industry Memberships

Sacramento area engineer Dan Ridolfi and German-based Dr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting have come together to form LASTRADA Partners.

LASTRADA Partners: Hermann Jung, – Construction Materials Testing and Quality Control Software
Hermann Jung, PhD

Dr. Hermann Jung began his career as an educator at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany from 1983 to 1993 after earning a PhD in Mathematics in 1977 and PhD in Computer Sciences in 1983 (Dr. sc. nat.). In 1995, he formed Dr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting AG. Dr. Jung continues to participate in product development to this day.

LASTRADA Partners – the name says it all; I look very much forward to seeing how much we can together contribute to the success of our partners in the construction materials industry.

LASTRADA Partners: Dan Ridolfi, – Construction Materials Testing and Quality Control Software
Dan Ridolfi, PE MSCE

Dan Ridolfi earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on paving and material from University of Nevada in 1997. Mr. Ridolfi worked in Consulting Engineering from 1995 to 2004 and as Quality Manager in construction materials from 2004 to 2014. In 2014, Ridolfi became Vice President at Spectra QEST, focusing on building a US base of operations. In 2016, Mr. Ridolfi founded LASTRADA Partners. Dan is a licensed professional civil engineer in California and Nevada.

LASTRADA Partners’ combination of best in class technology and real world engineering experience will redefine materials engineering.

LASTRADA Partners: Konrad Jung, – Construction Materials Testing and Quality Control Software
Konrad Jung

Konrad Jung earned a Master’s Equivalent (Dipl.-Vw.) in Economics from Humboldt University Berlin in 2004. After completing his degree, Mr. Jung accepted a position as Managing Director at the German Institute for Direct Democracy Studies at Dresden Technical University. In 2007, Mr. Jung joined Dr. Jung & Partner and currently serves as a Managing Director.

LASTRADA comes with the collective know-how and practice of a wide European user community. I look forward to the effects that the marriage of US and European practices has on LASTRADA’s ongoing advancement

Dr. Jung and Partner History

Dr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting AG was founded in 1995 by Dr. Hermann Jung. At the time, Dr. Jung was a professor of computer science in Saarbrücken and Berlin, Germany. Dr. Jung’s brother, Detlef Jung, who co-owned a private engineering lab for materials testing, convinced Dr. Jung to develop an information management system, because no such product existed. Together with another private lab, Asphalta, the initial LASTRADA project began.

Twenty years later in 2016, Dr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting employ approximately 20 staff members and support thousands of users in more than 200 companies across 20 countries.

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