Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LASTRADA has been the leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) in the construction materials industry since 1996. It allows users to integrate LIMS, lab equipment, ERPs, PLCs, ticketing, and more into one comprehensive system. For more details on our modules and features, visit the Our Technology page. For a comparison in contrast with other market options, use our LASTRADA Advantage page to learn more.

LASTRADA is used by asphalt, binder, concrete, and aggregate materials producers worldwide. LASTRADA Partners focuses on helping big as well as small companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico use LASTRADA to facilitate their mix design, quality management, sample reporting, and testing and laboratory processes. For more information on our unique solutions for different producers, visit our solutions pages for asphalt, aggregate, binder, and concrete. 

LASTRADA is used by geotechnical as well as CMT labs worldwide. LASTRADA Partners focuses on helping big and small companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. LASTRADA’s laboratory workflow management module converts production modules for mix design, quality management, sample reporting, and testing and laboratory processes, into a project/client-based process.  In short, it gives geotechnical and CMT labs the best of both worlds. For more information about our unique solutions for laboratories, visit the laboratory solutions page here.

Absolutely, LASTRADA has multiple language support built into its DNA because it was first written for European users, where managing different languages is a requirement.  LASTRADA’s universal language module seamlessly allows users to work in their native language and customers to see reports in their desired language.  Learn more about our built-in translation features here.

LASTRADA can be installed on a single PC, your local servers, or our private cloud-based server with LASTRADA Online. In addition, we also offer an iOS and Android app, LASTRADA Mobile, for use in the field.

LASTRADA has payment plans for companies of all sizes and budgets, and offers up-front, as well as monthly, pricing options. Because LASTRADA is modular, you only pay for the modules you need.  To learn more about pricing, contact us.

Of course! LASTRADA Lite is our commitment-free, trial version of the software. You get all the modules you need to see improvements in your work, with the set up done for you by our team of engineers. Best of all, it starts at just $100 per month. Learn more about LASTRADA Lite here.

In addition to our in-person installation and training process, we offer online and self-guided training options. Our LASTRADA Fast Track program includes written and video procedures, along with an extensive template library. As a result of this program, we’ve had some new customers up and running in LASTRADA as soon as day one.

We have a Customer Resource Center where users can submit tickets and find answers to common questions. Additionally, we offer self-guided support options such as videos and written procedures. Our support phone number has extended hours to ensure urgent concerns are addressed quickly. Support is included with your purchase of LASTRADA as well.

Schedule an online software demo with our engineers to see the software in action. In addition to showing you the software, we discuss whether LASTRADA can help you achieve your unique business goals.

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